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Mid-States Aluminum Corp. receives New North Workplace Excellence Award

Pictured left to right are Joanne Schneider, MSA: Paul Jadin, Secretary of WI Dept. of Commerce; Steve Peterson, MSA; Sue Roettger, MSA; Andrea Westergaard, MSA; and Tim Rice, MSA.

On December 7, 2011 Mid-States Aluminum Corp. was the presented with the New North Workplace Excellence Award at the New North Summit in Green Bay, WI. “This award recognizes organizations establishing people practices that lead to improved competitive advantage and achievement of successful business outcomes.” The focus of the award for Mid-States Aluminum was the use of their Lean Six Sigma Program to engage associates in continuous improvement while focusing on individual employee development. 

Mid-States Aluminum Corp. was founded on the core belief of Progress Thru People™. As reflected in this belief, there has always been a passion for continuous improvement via the involvement of people; however, over the years this has required revamping in order to keep it fresh. In 2006 they did some of that re-vamping. Mid-States knew that a systematic approach to problem solving and cost reduction involving every level of the organization needed to be implemented to improve profits, make the company more competitive in the market and to improve associate morale. Thus was launched the Lean Six Sigma Program.

By the end of 2010, 31% of associates were trained as Green Belts. These results exceeded the initial goal of having 20% of the workforce being trained. To date there are 76 Green Belts and 3 Black Belts who have completed 12 projects and 24 Kaizen events. The completed projects have resulted in significant direct cost savings but more importantly are the secondary benefits of engaging the workforce in continuous improvement. According to Steve Peterson, President & CEO, “Lean Six Sigma is the platform we have used to engage our valued associates in the daily activities of process improvement. This has allowed us to compete in a very challenging market environment. We are very grateful that the New North acknowledged our associates' contributions to our business by favoring us with this award."

About New North: New North, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization fostering collaboration among private and public sector leaders throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Their mission is to harness and promote the region's resources, talents and creativity for the purposes of sustaining and growing our regional economy. For additional information, visit

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